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Re: Should Public Transportation Agencies be Allowed to Strike?

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Should public employees be allowed to strike? No.

Should public service management be able to give themselves pay raises? No.

These people work for the public. It should be up to elected oversight to approve budgets and pay.

If they don't like the job, work somewhere else. Start a private sector business. Create jobs.

Not a popular opinion, but I'm used to that.
You clearly have no grasp of labor issues. May I ask how old you are?

Edit: Knowledge is power.

Over 50. Thanks for asking.

And I do have a grasp of labor issues. I work for a living. I work my butt off for what I am paid by a public institution. Even if offered the chance, I would not strike against my employer. Why? Because I can go find something else to do if I really don't want to work there any more. Seriously.

In the meantime, I do have a private sector business that I have been building from the ground up for the past three years. I also work my butt off at that, every day and night, seven days a week. What I have I've built from literally nothing but an idea. No grants, no loans, just me and my sweat and blood and what money I could spare from my day job.

My wife also works as an independent contractor in her field outside her day job. Which, by the way, is a public sector position. If ordered to strike, she would have no choice, but I know she does not like the idea. Union membership at her "day job" is mandatory. Otherwise, she'd have none of it.

What do you do?

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