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Re: Audio Club - The Sirens of Time

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Cool, I've been wondering about The Dalek Empire Series, and the rest of the line is only $5 a story for download or $7.73 for Disk.
I was hoping it was going to be something I didn't have but Dalek Empire is great.

Although I have a pile of stuff waiting to listen to.

My chest infection failed to clear up and now I am at home trying to recover from pneumonia now, I have endless free time but don't really feel like doing anything but lie around and doze.
I was violently ill with Pnuemonia in February, but, fortunately recoved quite quickly once I went to the Hospital (Stayed in Hospital for 3 days, pumped up with every antibiotic imaginable) and my chest and side were very uncomfortable for about another 2 weeks

I definitely know about the Pile of stuff to listen to. I've gotten all the miscellaneous stuff listened to for Doctor Whoniverse, except I got the 8th Unbound with David Warner, so I am now listening to his first Unbound, and then will listen to the second one, and then on to the Colin/Evelyns at last. After that, I have the first two Trilogies of Dragon Riders of Pern, I now have a monthly subscription to the Main Range Doctor Who, starting July 31, and I will be definitely getting Gallifrey Season 6, so, that's probably enough to get me through the whole rest of the Calendar year
I had 1 day in hospital I think the antibiotics I have been on aren't cutting it.

I still haven't listened to the last season of Gallifrey all though I got it a while back. The David Warner unbounds are good he is in everything but he is good.

I like him as Steel in the BF Saphire and Steel range.
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