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Re: Foundation, empire and robots

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Since I'm on holiday, I've been re-reading the Asimov Foundation books (and various robot books like The Caves of Steel). A few questions:

1) What did you think of the Greg Bear foundation trilogy?
The Killer Bs Trilogy was as good as you would expect from authors of that caliber-- but totally inappropriate for the Foundation Universe. They not only screwed with the canon, but changed the whole underlying concept into something ugly. Calling robots Tiktoks isn't a loophole for using robots where none should be. And their explanation for the all-human galaxy was mind-boggling SF, but turned the greatest SF future history ever written into a sickening holocaust. They should have written their own story in their own universe.

2) Anyone read Pyschohistory crisis by Donald Kingsbury - I've heard good things about it and was looking to pick up a second hand copy
It's a fantastic book in its own right and a wonderful homage to the influence of the Foundation series. This guy did it the way the Killer Bs should have-- he let the Foundation inspire him to write his own story. It's a very dense, almost overwhelming, epic that needs to be read more than once.

3) Do you think that Asimov was ultimately successful in melding together his two universes?
Very much so.

I think the only other Foundation tie-ins that I've read by other authors were the Caliban books, which I liked quite a bit.
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