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Re: Why hasn't CBS or Paramount just taken over a fan series or two?

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Its not bad, but the three leads are the weakest acting links. "Spock" seems to be channeling Tim Russ more than Leonard Nimoy. Cawley's no leading man and the guy playing McCoy is just awful.
Well, our Mister Spock role has been filled by Mr. Jeffery Quinn, followed by Mr. Ben Tolpin, and now followed by Mr. Brandon Stacy (who was Mr. Zachary Quinto's stand-in for both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness). Which of these three actors did you mean is (or was) channelling Tim Russ more than Leonard Nimoy? Have they all been doing that? A reminder that for every viewer who says "your actor is not enough like Actor X," there is a viewer that says "your actor is just trying to channel and is trying too hard to be like Actor X."

"James Cawley is no leading man" is quite an indictment on his acting ability. Nevertheless, Mr. James Cawley has stepped away from the role of Captain James Kirk to focus in his Senior Executive Producer duties. For our past two episodes (and one vignette) that we've shot, Captain Kirk is now portrayed by Mr. Brian Gross. Find more about his credits here:

Our Dr. McCoy is played by John Kelley, a real-life physician in Oregon. He is awful, and we plan on replacing him at our earliest opportunity.

(Just teasing, Doc John. We love you and we all know how much you have grown into the role over the ten years that you've held it.)

At Nerys Myk: can you provide a bit more data for us to work with--especially regarding Doc John? All I'm able to inform our actor in the McCoy role is "please be less awful." It would be good to be able to say "don't mumble so much," or "don't limp so much" or "don't keep looking at the camera so much," or some other helpful feedback. How does Doc John's "awfulness" manifest itself?
I was refering to the episode you linked to in your post above. (Though I have watched a few episodes with the other Spocks.) The voice and inflections that actor used reminded me of Russ' Tuvok. Nimoy and Quinto have something in their performances that gives Spock a hint of humanity, the actor in World Enough and Time does not. Tuvok, being a full Vulcan probably doesn't need that, Spock does. Unlike some, I'm not interested in seeing an actor ( be they in a fan or pro production) do impersonations of the original actor, but they do need to capture the essence of the character. Jeffery Quinn failed to do so.

James Cawley also failed to capture Kirk the way Shatner and Pine did. Nothing made me believe he was the commander of a Starship. His gestures and body language are too self conscious and you can see him acting rather than being Jim Kirk.

As for John Kelley, his McCoy is all squints and grimaces. There's none of the sparkle in the eye or compassion that De brought to the part. He might make a good Doctor Piper though.

On the up side I liked the actors who played young Sulu, Alana and Dr. Chandris.
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