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Your favorite TITAN novel....

I sometimes get the idea that Titan gets some mixed reactions here on the forum. Some people love it, others hate, others seem caught in the middle.

I'm of the latter group. Titan has been hit and miss for me, with more misses then hits I'm afraid. That being said, two of my favorite novels do come from Titan.

Orion's Hounds is one of those Christopher Bennett novels where he just has the perfect mix of character development, science, fiction, action, humor, drama. I can re-read this one over and over and just don't get bored really.

The other one would be Synthesis. Swallow shows us a great new take on cybernetic life, but also really takes you in with gripping story-telling. The description of the home-system of the Machines takes my breath away every time. Swallow really seams to get the Titan crew.
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