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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

So we will see more of the Lucian Alliance, kinda thought so. They did make a rather big deal about explaining them.

9x6-Beachhead: Those Ori aren't messing around. They are going to implode a planet in order to create a singularity so large it can open a portal to their galaxy and stay open indefinitely. Crafting a planet sized Stargate around the aperture. Crazy stuff!! This also is the episode that bring Dr.Carter back into the fold!! Mitchell is also happy to make it official by slapping the SG-1 patch to everyones arm. The Ori are defeated, despite an interfering Gou'ald who aided the Ori into tricking SGC/-1 into helping them in their process. Valla is the hero of the day. After trying to help and being ignored she takes action and flies a scout ship, shields up, into the forming planetary Stargate, causing an overload so that when the planet goes the energy isn't properly contained and channeled. Valla is seemingly dead but it's theorized that in the instant the singularity was attempting to form, it did open ever so briefly and Valla may have been pulled into the ORI galaxy. Assuming she survived.

9x7-Ex Deus Machina: Ba'al, you crafty bastard. I mean I knew you were still out there but the hand your playing now...kinda a stroke of genius really. You've supplanted yourself on Earth, managed to take over a company, create clones of yourself and make yourself a public person. The lacing a building with naquadah was ingenious. I like him as a bad guy much better than Anubis or Apophis. So then our newly formed Jaffa nation finds out, wants to extradite him and when we don't comply take matters into their own hands. Forcing Ba'al to make good on his threat to detonate his naquadah bomb...which, oh by the an entire skyscraper!!! I got to say I like how the showrunners addressed this with just a 20-30 second snippet talking about the "gas explosion" but no one heard anything and that the rubble pile is inconsistent with a building going down(which post 9/11 we all kinda now know).

9x8-Babylon: A discovery that could be crucial to the new Jaffa nation is made. It seems likely that a race of Jaffa who've managed to not be enslaved by the Gou'ald have been found, the Sodan. They are legendary among Jaffa, told like folk tales, even though no one has seen them in centuries. It also just so happens that the ORI have found them and are trying to convert them. Nice casting for the Prior this episode, it's William B. Davis aka The Cig Smoking Man from X-Files!! So SG-1 heads to the planet to make contact and of course things go south. Mitchell ends up killing one, seemingly, and is fatally wounded himself but taken back to the Sodan encampment. The leader of these Sodan is Tony Todd(hasn't he guested before as a Gou'ald or am I imagining that?). A rite of vengeance is to be had for the nearest kin so Mitchell is nursed back to health. This whole sequence is a bit predictable in that his nurse/trainer for the ritual is also the blood kin of the one "slain". Also, that he would take heed to Mitchell's warning about the Prior/ORI. Mitchell is returned to SGC and once there finds out the "slain" Sodan is also alive. He returns as well(although we see no fallout upon his return) and promises Mitchell they will meet again.

I finished disc 2 and 8 episodes in I must say S9 has hit the ground running! I just know a cheap clip show is coming or something to pull back on the reins.

The sci-fan in me only need a nuBSG actor represented to make Babylon perfect, right? Stargate, Farscape, X-Files, Star Trek and Andromeda were all represented in this episode!!
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