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Re: Should Public Transportation Agencies be Allowed to Strike?

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But what could happen is that ones person right to strike interfers with somone elses rights?
Well, I'd say tough shit. They'll manage for a little while.
Well in the case of a strike by say train drivers as no one has a right to use one then they do have to live with it.

Most of the time those going on strike do not interfer with someones else right

. A possible example from a few years ago where that might not be the case is when French Fishermen blokaded the channel ports on there side of the Channel, last I chekced EU law allows for unrestriced movement of goods/peoples and services between member nations. Wouldn't a blocakde run counter to that EU law?

Now of course they have the right to strike, but they could have striked by just leaving their boats in dock.
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