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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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[Kirk was showing Christopher around until Spock cautioned him about revealing future details to 20th-century people. After that, both Christopher and the sergeant were on a more or less "need to know" basis.
I took this to be the reason the sergeant apparently never made it out of the transporter room. If kirk had been thinking ahead, Captain Christopher would have been isolated there from the start too.

Part of the reason (my opinion) that Kirk showed Christopher around was Kirk was interested in Christopher as a 20th century military pilot. Kirk is thought by some fans to be a history buff, might why his ship was assigned to the time travel investigation of the past.

...out of respect for his military and social rank, which would contribute to his sons importance.
Is that your problem? The possibility that Christopher's son might have gotten his NASA position because of his pop's influence?
While not exactly a dime a dozen, military pilots with the rank of Captain were/are far from rare. If Christopher reached General one day he might have had the pull to get his son a plum government job, but not with a lower rank than that.

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