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Re: Why hasn't CBS or Paramount just taken over a fan series or two?

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Lol! I actually think you and the others in charge of Phase II have done an excellent job and that's why I wish CBS would just make Phase II an official series. I wasn't talking about having you or anyone else replaced, just having CBS put in their "man". Now, I didn't know y'all had brought David Gerrold in to be "show runner". So, no offence to Manny Coto, but it sounds like you already have someone who will do and has already done an awesome job. I just hope CBS would accept him and keep him on. I know I would.
Can the fans produce 20 episodes a year? Would they quit their day jobs? Are they even members of the relevant unions? Would the show even be that cheap once everyone involved is paid the union wage? And does either show have the us fan base in the millions that CBS would look for? What's your elevator pitch to moonves?
You make some good points. As far as the unions go, I have no clue honestly. Also, I don't know if they could produce 20 episodes a year. Then again, a new Trek series might be better off with 13-15 episodes a year anyway and with CBS help and backing, I think the fans could pull that off.

While, Phase II and/or Continues may not have a fan base in the millions (I don't know the actual numbers, but I do know at least Phase II is quite popular.), they already have an established fan base and if they were brought to tv, an even large fan base would come out to check out any new Trek series anyway. Plus there would be the simply curious. So if you combine all of them you would have millions of viewers.

Another thing, by using an already established fan series, CBS would save money on sets and costumes.
20 or 13 doesn't matter. Can fans go from 1+ year per episode to even 13 a year? What assurance could you give CBS of that before they agreed to anything? And the phase 2 fan base is star trek fans. You'd get them to check out a new show even without the phase 2 name. So what does phase 2 bring to CBS? Some D list actors and sets designed to look like the 60s? Don't get me wrong, I like phase 2 for what it is and have watched all the episodes. But it brings no value to CBS compared with starting from scratch.

What's your elevator pitch? A couple thousand fans won't cut it.
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