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Re: Audio Club - The Sirens of Time

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So next up is part 1 of Dalek Empire. An exceptionally good Doctor free story.

For me Dalek Empire is Big Finish at its best, I have listened to it many times.

The Knights of Velysha (spelling ?) appear in both this and the Sirens of Time but seem to be very different organisations.
Cool, I've been wondering about The Dalek Empire Series, and the rest of the line is only $5 a story for download or $7.73 for Disk.
I was hoping it was going to be something I didn't have but Dalek Empire is great.

Although I have a pile of stuff waiting to listen to.

My chest infection failed to clear up and now I am at home trying to recover from pneumonia now, I have endless free time but don't really feel like doing anything but lie around and doze.
I was violently ill with Pnuemonia in February, but, fortunately recoved quite quickly once I went to the Hospital (Stayed in Hospital for 3 days, pumped up with every antibiotic imaginable) and my chest and side were very uncomfortable for about another 2 weeks

I definitely know about the Pile of stuff to listen to. I've gotten all the miscellaneous stuff listened to for Doctor Whoniverse, except I got the 8th Unbound with David Warner, so I am now listening to his first Unbound, and then will listen to the second one, and then on to the Colin/Evelyns at last. After that, I have the first two Trilogies of Dragon Riders of Pern, I now have a monthly subscription to the Main Range Doctor Who, starting July 31, and I will be definitely getting Gallifrey Season 6, so, that's probably enough to get me through the whole rest of the Calendar year
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