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Re: Why hasn't CBS or Paramount just taken over a fan series or two?

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Of Gods and Men was great fan Service, and great fun, but, it lacked a "Leading Man" (Or woman) personality to carry the movie. It was like a bunch of little vignettes with Character Actors. Like I said, it was great fun, but, certainly not saleable to the General Audience, who lack the nostalgia we have.

I haven't seen any Phase 2, but if it or Renegades has the same issues, they're no more salesable to the General Audience and therefore, would hold no attraction to CBS
Well, whether our script is written by David Gerrold, or Dorothy Fontana, or by any of our writers, we try not to do lots of little little vignettes strung together to make an episode (although we have done short 5-minute-long stand-alone vignettes from time to time). Generally our full hour-long episodes follow a traditional TOS story structure involving the main characters of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

A typical example is our Hugo Award- and Nebula Award-nominated episode "World Enough and Time" with George Takei reprising his role of Sulu (and Grace Lee Whitney as Rand):
I'm a completist , so, I actually am intending to watch them all. Do you start with Episode 4x01 (IE: Star Trek 4th Season) or is 4x what you're currently up to? I googled Videos and saw several 4x, but, nothing earlier
Our growth curve has been fairly dramatic--the downside of which is that our ealiest effort or two are, hmm, an acquired taste, I guess. (They are like our developmentally-disabled children: we love them no matter what.) You can start chronologically, bu don't be so put off that that you refrain from watching our later, better efforts. On the other hand, if you start with our better episodes, don't be disappointed that they all aren't that good (or "good").

Yes, the conceit of our series is that we are like the fourth season of TOS, so all the episodes are labeled with "4x." Note: our first episode, "Come What May," is "4x0," so it's harder to find and we don't draw too much attention to it.

Wikipedia lists all our episodes. It's fairly accurate:

Or PM me. I'm always glad to introduce people to our crazy litle production.
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