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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

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Yes, especially since Holder and Linden are getting more screen time together. This season is structured a bit differently, but they are working their way to the heart of Linden's problems, I think.
Oh cool--I love Linden. I think she's such an interesting and complex character. I like Holder, too--I want to get to the bottom of all of his issues as well. I can't wait to start the new season. I'm almost done with season two!

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
Writing and pacing seem fine when you watch it in a marathon viewing.
Agreed. I think the councilman storyline is a little weak, but it doesn't frustrate me that much. Otherwise, I'm totally into the show. I watched four episodes of season two last night--I was only going to watch two but I couldn't stop!

I only have three eps left to go and then I get to start season three.
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