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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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it is quite clear that STiD underperformed at the USA box office. I do think the fan service and excessive homages turned a lot of people off.

If trek wants to be very successful again they need to go back to the formula they used in ST09.
The definition of "underperforming" today is absolutely ridiculous. As Bryan Singer said following the "disappointing" receipts for Superman Returns, "That movie made $400 million! I donít know what constitutes under-performing these days..."

For the record, though, STID, which hasn't completed it's run yet, stands at $221.2 million domestic and $438.8 million total. That's pretty damn impressive. ST09, following its completed run, had $257.7 million domestic and $385.6 million total. IOW, the current movie has already beaten the overall worldwide total of ST09 by more than $50 million. And given the fact that there was such a long period without any Trek before ST09 and the anticipation was so high, I think the difference in the domestic totals for a sequel is quite reasonable, and the domestic box office still very successful.

However once you take away the 3d prices of STiD and adjust trek 09 by inflation. STiD is far behind ST09. The reality is that STiD might not even have broken the 200 million dollar barrier in USA if not for 3D. ST09 didn't even need 3D.

I am not saying STiD was a flop, however it was not what paramount expected. paramount wanted STiD to surpass ST09 and it didn't. obviously there is a slight disappointment in that.

Worldwide there has been a huge improvement, however Trek still has a long way to go when it comes to been a box office juggernaut. I have no doubt that the fan service in STiD hurt trek.

its like the writers totally forgot about the new fans that resulted from the 2009 film. the writers only seems to care about old trekkies. The same old trekkies that have now called STiD inferior to WOK.
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