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Re: Dumb blog in defense of texting while driving

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
If it's his real name, I hope his name flags a permanent ban from getting a license due to being too stupid to possess one.
J. Allen wrote: View Post
I like the part where one commenter congratulated him for having the balls to say what he did. Since when did you need balls to say stupid stuff? It seems to me that morons are some of the most outspoken people.
I was under the impression the blogger was a woman. Isn't Alexis usually a girl's name?

At any rate, I can't believe this . . . uh, person has the chutzpah to write: "We are past the point of no return on this one. There is no point in saying 'you can’t look at your phone for 30 minutes,' because that is just impossible for some people to do."

I mean, WTF? If you're old enough to get a driver's license, you should be mature enough to stay away from the phone for half an hour -- or even several hours, God forbid. What did people do in the Dark Ages of personal communication (pre-1980s) when texting and cellphones didn't exist and car phones were only for the rich?
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