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Re: Why hasn't CBS or Paramount just taken over a fan series or two?

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Wouldn't it be smart for CBS or Paramount to just make a deal with or take over Star Trek: Phase II and/or Star Trek Continues as a way to get Trek back on air in some media or other? They both are quality fan series and at least Phase II has a fan base that could be built on which could somewhat negate the economic difficulties a brand new Trek series would face.
That's kinda what they're hoping will happen with Star Trek Renegades. Stands a slightly better chance of being taken over anyways since it involves some of the actors from the various shows.
True, however, if Renegades special effects are anything like Of Gods and Men's, I doubt it. Phase II and Continues have far better special effects than OGAM did.
As Doc Brown would say "Your not thinking fourth dimensionally!"

Ogam was shot in 2006, the effects were a little bit dodgy, but compare it to New Voyages in 2006, they are roughly on par with OGAM. So now 7 years later, Renegades will have amazing VFX, we have 3 separate companies working on it. 2 of those companies are also doing effects for P2 and Continues. Renegades shares a pretty close nit relationship with 'Continues', many on our crew are also doing some work with 'Continues' also.

BTW, like your screen name
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