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Re: Future of the "Terminator" Franchise (Discussion, Rumors, Spoilers

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I knew when I was writing "need" that someone would jump all over that.

Of course no one actually needs Terminator or any movie for that matter. This is "need" in the artistic sense meaning that a work either does or doesn't need something to be complete.
I knew exactly what you meant by it, and it is that need I am disputing. Terminator didn't need T2 to be complete, it was a complete piece of work in it's own right, and T2 sure as hell didn't need T3 or T4. Surely each piece of work deserves to be judged on its own merit?

The "need" in the sense that you describe it will be defined by the film itself, not by other films. I've never understood this aversion people have to sequels or reboots, a good film is a good film, who cares what came before or after it.
Ok, maybe I should phrase it this way: Does the end of T2 really beg for a sequel? In a sense, I can understand a sequel to T1, but not so much to T2. And of course, everything that's suppose to have followed T2 has had to bend over backwards to try and make it work, and failed in the process.

I just think that there is a time to acknowledge when something is done and to stop milking it. I think some series have seemingly unending potential to continue, and others don't have as much. Star Trek is the kind of franchise that works in continuing because that's just part of its premise. Star Wars probably works even better because of its more fantastical setting. Something like The Hunger Games trilogy is probably best left at the trilogy and nothing more (and even that might be pushing it). Or Back to the Future, whose creators have admirably claimed that it is complete and that there won't be a BTTF4 as long as they're alive.

I feel that the first two Terminator movies were complete. That doesn't rule out the possibility of a sequel being able to be written by a good writer. Unfortunately, that was not T3 and TS. Because of those and SCC, I have my doubts about any future Terminator movies. I'd be fine with it if I felt there was something good to be contributed to the franchise, but so far it's been pretty dismal in comparison.

All that said, because I love Terminator, I will still give these presumably rebooted movies a chance. Even if I feel they aren't artistically necessary, I'm still curious as to what they might do.
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