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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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DS9 being broken down storyline wouldn't make sense, because why would the Federation and Bajorans let the strategically extremely important station fall into disrepair in the first place.
Because they're at war, and during major wars supplies become harder to come by and showing that the Station would take lasting damage and their resident warship wasn't always up to snuff would show the effect of a major war on the place.

As compared to VOY, who was not at war with anyone and was surrounded by non-hostiles who'd be willing to help.

They'd look like people having a harder time surviving and keeping the ship running, compared to TOS and TNG.
TOS and TNG had the same thing happen to them that happened to VOY, except they got home faster.

They shot themselves in the foot with VOY's premise because said premise excludes them from every finding help or having any support or being able to do any repairs ever. The ship wouldn't have lasted half a season if they really stuck to that.

And if they DO make allies and manage to repair the ship, then the audience does nothing but complain that they were able to do so instead of falling to pieces.

You just can't win.
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