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Re: TNG Caption This! 319: Ready to Roll!

Data: Worst orgy EVER.

Crusher: So she went into a coma at the start of her shift on the bridge...

Picard: And we didn't notice till it ended 8 hours later. If anything, I felt she was contributing slightly more than usual.

When Patrick Stewart couldn't be arsed to learn his lines, he'd write them on his hand and subtly look at them during the scene.

Frakes: Now Patrick, in this scene I want you to react to the exploding ship on the viewscreen in the same way a badger would if he found a two-humped camel in his burrow. That's two humps mind, not one.

Stewart: Who thought it was a good idea to let you direct?

Picard: Aren't these new uniforms great? To be actually be able to breath, to not have them utterly totally skin tight? Am I right ladies?

Kids Vs. Combaticons in my look at issue 141!
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