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Re: New Richard Taylor TMP VFX interview

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Maybe Minor deserves more credit.
Definitely! More than one PII staff member got the shaft when the production went from TV to the big-screen, but no one more so than Minor IMHO. The PII sets were constructed almost directly from his designs (the bridge, Engineering, and sickbay in particular), and much of that survived into TMP and beyond. His "Production Illustrator" credit (and a secondary one at that) doesn't do his contributions justice. Of course, Hollywood isn't always just (and nobody at the time knew how enduring the designs would be), but like Taylor much of Minor's design influence survived well past PII and TMP (in Minor's case through VOY, particularly in Engineering).

Taylor does take a bit too much credit (although Probert seems happy to share credit with his mentor), and Minor's no longer with us to share his recollections of course, but both lost out to Hollywood politics.
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