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Re: Conversation(s) Heard After the Movie [spoilers, maybe]

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Meyer deserves credit too, since they followed the scene as framed by him.

I didn't sit through all the credits - was there no acknowledgment all all?
"Based on 'Star Trek' created by Gene Roddenberry" was the only such credit required. And given.

Did Nick Meyer acknowledge Horatio Hornblower's creators in his credits? Or those movies with ships at sea, or planes in battle, passing each other the way he did the homage with Starfleet vessels in ST II?
No, but I still don't see why Meyer and the WGA weren't required to acknowledge the link to SPACE SEED in the form of mentioning Gene Coon and/or Carey Wilbur.

Moreso even than JM Lucas and THE CHANGELING for TMP, and that is saying something.
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