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Re: Should Public Transportation Agencies be Allowed to Strike?

MacLeod wrote: View Post
But what could happen is that ones person right to strike interfers with somone elses rights?
Well, I'd say tough shit. They'll manage for a little while.

tomalak301 wrote: View Post
As for this Strike, it's an inconvenience that is costing this region millions and so much loss of efficiency all for better wages.
I believe you'll think differently if it was your wage.

tomalak301 wrote: View Post
So getting to work to make a living in a region with already a high cost of living is not an exception to the rule?

Timewalker wrote: View Post
I have ZERO sympathy for strikers. Especially civil servants.
I take it you never had to strike to defend your rights or keep your wage above the poverty line. Must have been nice.

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
And people who need to get to the hospital for surgery and have no other way than by public transportation can just go without?
I think, in the case of a strike, if the person is too poor to afford a taxi it might be possible to get a hospital, or the Red Cross or similar organisation, to arrange transport. It might be possible to even get help off the union that is striking.
Yep. Workers don't strike because they are evil and greedy, they do it because they had no other weapon to deal with powerful businesses and administrations. Public services like police, medical personnel, and transport are expected to keep a minimum of service for emergencies and critical situations.
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