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Re: New Richard Taylor TMP VFX interview

MAKING OF TMP shows what they spent on sets after it became Wise's feature, and those numbers definitely reflect a 'save where you can' attitude, as well as the 'sky's the limit' perception when you look at trench and memory wall numbers, as well as the klingon bridge (though the money was well spent there, no question.)

I've never understood how the production could have shot the officer's lounge without anybody realizing up front that the color of blue in the costumes was going to present a problem (something they didn't even try addressing in the DE); that's the sort of thing VFX supes on set are supposed to guard against ... and for that matter Wise & his camera folk should have realized it as well.

The room is such a mess in all sorts of ways that it is hard to believe Wise couldn't have demanded a full remodel/upgrade. When he says original p2 engineering was totally unsuitable, I can sort of see where he is coming from, because it looked good without necessarily having full-on feature scale. But the officer's lounge doesn't even look TV-worthy, yet you have a lengthy dialog scene there AND vfx.

The thing about the ceiling tiles that I find interesting is that when you compare them to Fletcher's Vulcan outfits, they really look like they tie in (so did Fletcher get his costume ideas from looking through Minor's engineering castoffs, I wonder? Maybe Minor deserves more credit.)
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