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Re: BBC tried to stop production on New Who twice!

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Back to Grade, IIRC when he appeared on TV's Room 101 (the idea, for those who haven't seen it, is you pick all the things you hate and put them into the titular room to get rid of them - it takes the title from Orwell's 1984, though the room there was used as a torture room, not for getting rid of them), he did nominate Doctor Who as one of his pet hates.

So while the hiatus and cancellation may not have been his ideas, his subordinates were pushing an open door when they brought them to him.
While I think that's right, Grade admits he's a shameless self-publicist, and adopted the trademark red braces and so on as a publicity tool, so I suspect that once he'd become known as 'The man who killed Doctor Who' he rather enjoyed playing up to the image...
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