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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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More to the point, Kirk ALSO has a role as a diplomat and has acted in that capacity half a dozen times. For the same reasons, he isn't literally a diplomat either.
Actually, he explicitly stated he wasn't a diplomat. He was instead said to be "also trained to be a diplomat" but that doesn't appear to be his primary role given the dialogue and times where he is escorting actual diplomats.

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So when I say "Leyton's militarized Starfleet would make the TOS fleet look like a girl scout troop," you need to get my full meaning.
Yes, you didn't quite make that clear as I was responding to your statement, "It would also, at that point, finally be a military."

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"Scientists have always been pawns to the military."
Carol has about five seconds to comment in what is already a heated argument and mainly focuses on the last two points: SHE thinks this has to be some kind of huge misunderstanding, while David thinks it's a big shadowy conspiracy by the evil military.
She has way more than five seconds to respond so it isn't because she's being rushed at or has a deadline to give an answer. The point still is that David's claim of Starfleet equaling the military is not refuted.

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The first time nobody was listening to him; Carol patently ignored him and talked OVER him.
If nobody was listening to him Carol would've ignored his request to pin down who authorized the new orders.

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And again, David hardly has the corner on knowing what he's talking about; the most ironic of those is "Don't have kittens, Genesis is going to work!"
That's just confidence on his part bolstered by the small success of the Genesis cave. We only know from the follow-up movie that on a large scale it doesn't work.

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The C in C of Starfleet spells out that Starfleet has "exploration and scientific programs" which point to a period of time that "exploration and science" wasn't the only things Starfleet did.
It's never the ONLY thing Starfleet does. But it is by far the most prevalent. War has a way of changing everyone's priorities substantially, but war is an EMERGENCY, one of many such emergencies Starfleet is designed to cope with.
The sustained threat of war in TOS and TOS Movies would indicate that Starfleet spent an equal if not greater time deterring the enemy from striking than engaging in science and exploration.

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I'm sure that after the war, Starfleet reverted back to it's peace-time role of explorers and peace-keepers.
Given the events in "One little ship" it seems they never actually gave it up.
They probably didn't give it up in the way you're thinking as those programs still ran parallel to the military programs during TOS/TOS Movies. But food for thought, in "One Little Ship" the scientific assignment had a military reasoning:
WORF: The data collected here could provide Starfleet with the key to creating transwarp corridors through space. It could give us a substantial tactical advantage over the Dominion.
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