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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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It's fairly safe to say that anyone who thinks the bible is an accurate historical record has never had to think very hard about anything beyond what clothes to wear in the morning.
A sad cheap shot. Plenty of intelligent people believe in the Bible's historical record, and many scientists do as well.

Many events in the Biblical record have been verified by archaeology and other studies. Serious historians believe in the life, death, and post-mortem appearances of Christ (how these are interpreted is another question, of course).

Ironically, you, if you're an atheist, must believe in evolution, even though it's never been verified either! Of course, I assume you trust in the evolutionists' subjective interpretations of DNA, morphology, and the fossil record, and believe that this proves that evolution occurred. Of course it doesn't, but you're not willing to look at the contradicting evidence.

Of course, this is an emotions issue and not a facts issue. For some people, the Bible is wholly unacceptable and therefore they consider it false with zero credibility. Being in denial like this and making such false claims helps some to cope. It is much easier than to believe that the God of the Bible exists, since the God of the Bible demands accountability for the way we live.
I believe it was Aristotle who said the mind left unexplored is a life wasted. I think you've demonstrated this pretty well in one post.

I studied the Bible at university as part of my degree. I also studied the Rig Veda and ancient Egyptian cartouches. As palaeography goes they are fascinating insight into the peoples who created them. As an absolute description of the world, not so much.
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