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Re: Scotty and his military comment

Ok back to disspassionate debating.

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
Even assuming the Federation even NEEDS an official military organization -- an assumption that is far from justified
Well it needs armed forces for sure. It has hostile Romulans and Cardassians and Sheliak and Tzenkethi and Tholians and so on, all around it, and even the Klingons wouldn't mind breaking their alliance if they could just nab the Federation, I think.

-- your argument roughly boils down to "Starfleet is the closest thing we've seen to it."
Slight correction: it's the only thing we've seen that corresponds to the definition of military. We seem to be in agreement on this:

As if "Starfleet is the closest thing we've seen to a military organization" was ever in dispute... I don't understand why we're still arguing.

Put simply, the main characters in TNG said "Starfleet is not a military organization," a sentiment which was recently echoed in STID. You, for whatever reason, found these references disturbing
Not disturbing. I found them in contradiction with a larger body of evidence.

Cartwright: "I must protest! To offer Klingons safe haven within Federation space is suicide, Klingons would become the alien trash of the galaxy. And if we dismantle the fleet, we'll be defenseless before an aggressive species with a foothold on our territory.
So in other words it wasn't a strawman and they are actually discussing dismantling the fleet. I believe that makes my point.

More importantly, I BELIEVE Picard, because he is known to be truthful and sincere, and because he has been entrusted to command the most powerful starship in the Federation, a responsibility that implies a very high level of competence.
It's not a matter of believing the character's sincerity. People can be sincere and yet still wrong.

If Starfleet had OTHER founding principles, now is your chance to cite them.
I have done so already. We've mentioned the line from The Doomstay Machine, by Decker Sr.
And that's my opinion.
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