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Re: Movies that OFFEND you

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Not so much 'offend', more like 'annoy', but...

Starship Troopers.

Turned a serious novel into a damn joke. And Paul Verhoeven might want to keep in mind that without the war he considers so fascist, he'd be living under fascism right now.
Verhoeven lived in the Hague as a child during WWII, his opinions are informed by actual visceral, violent experience. You might want to keep that in mind when you summarily dismiss his views with banal one liners.
Verhoeven deliberately made it slightly satirical - look at the jingoistic propaganda vids like where the kids are showing support for the war by stomping on cockroaches with a woman insanely jumping and clapping for joy in the background for example.

Also, the film makers DID want to use the battlesuits, but during pre-production they just couldn't find a way to avoid making them too cartoony, and there was a fear that all the characters would look the same.
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