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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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I wish this guy would expand his theory

The evidence for this theory is quite compelling--just for one example, the salinity of seawater is, well, no more than an order of magnitude different than that of human blood and lots of the trace elements found in seawater are also to be found in human blood. Of course, if human blood is deficient in an important component of seawater--like, for example, squid--it should be noted that Ymir was a supernatural being (and a pretty big one, to boot) so he could probably have anything in his blood that he liked.

The Christian creation myth's greatest strength is that, instead of relying on mere observed facts and the correlation of current phenomena with physical evidence of past events, all interpreted by fallible human beings, it has the full force of the word of God behind it. From a theological standpoint, NCT is even more robust, being the word of not one God, but literally dozens of them--and not mamby-pamby Gods who couldn't make up their minds about how many legs a grasshopper has or had trouble figuring out pi to more than one significant figure, but tough, non-nonsense Gods with no qualms about beaning frost giants with a hammer or drinking the ocean on a dare.
The Norse Creation story is so much more interesting that the Bible Creation story.
The whole of the Eddas are more fun and interesting.
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