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Re: Size of starfleet?

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It's not a Vulcan designed shuttle.
How are you determining who designed it?
Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise.

It says that it was designed by Chiokis Starship Construction Corporation (according to several websites, CSCC is based on Thelavor). But only the shuttle itself. It doesn't mention the Warp Sled at all. It does say that it is "Starfleet's standard personnel shuttlecraft."

I think Chiokis may have also been used by the FASA Star Trek roleplaying game, but I can't find it. They used some of the same names in both the FASA Starship Construction Manual as they do in Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise. I have no idea if those names are considered 'canon' or not. It also mentions in the Starship Construction Guide that "Paul Anders of Shuvinaaljis Warp Technologies" designed the miniature warp engines for the courier.

Here's a picture from the Mr. Scott's Guide. It's very similar to Spock's shuttle that detached from the warp sled in TMP, but with Enterprise markings.

I think you can see the back of one in the shuttlebay in TMP (maybe only in the Director's Cut). I'm pretty sure it's the same shuttle that rescues the crew in San Fransisco bay after they let the whales go at the end of Star Trek IV. And I think there's one flitting around inside the Spacedock in Star Trek III.

Here's the listing for the Long Range Shuttle at Memory Alpha.

I can't find any other reference for it. Memory Alpha says that there was another Long Range Shuttle of the same type called the Laika. Which was the name of one of the dogs the Russians sent to space in the 50's or 60's.
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