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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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Creating a silly rule just to do a "Break the Rules!" episode is a lazy writing tactic.
The sheer number of Lazy writing cheats from TOS would take days to list, let alone talk of fixing, and it was still a good show as a result.
The Whole is greater than the Sum of its parts?

And yet TNG Prime Directive is the one everyone hates.
Because it showed up more, and was treated as something folks respected and were expected to follow whereas TOS' was more a background thing that the audience wasn't expected to pay much attention to.

It's easy to hate something upfront compared to a background thing no one paid much attention to in the first place.

You make a good point. It's that superior, paternalistic attitude so often depicted in TNG that irks me.
Folks from their present time will always consider themselves superior to folks from the past, that's just human nature.

Besides, Captain Christopher was in some ways a historical figure (or at least related to one) and thus would be respected more than some random yobo they ran into (like the Neutral Zone Cryo-Chamber folks).
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