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Re: Highest Ranking Woman?

Timo wrote: View Post
Except she stated she wanted to be a starship captain
She never stated anything even remotely like that.

was angry at Starfleet for not allowing women to be captains
Not really. She was angry at Kirk for not allowing her into his world of captains. No anger towards Starfleet, for any reason, was ever suggested.

Emphasis reveals what she really wanted. Being captain would not count; only being the captain she loved/hated was of significance.

...Just like T'Pau. Assuming, of course, that T'Pau ever reached that high a position.
Janice Lester wrote:
JANICE: Your world of starship captains doesn't admit women. It isn't fair.
KIRK: Captain Kirk to the Enterprise. Captain Kirk to the Enterprise.
KIRK: Love? Him? I love the life he led. The power of a starship commander. It's my life now.
KIRK [OC]: James Kirk is returning to consciousness in the body of Janice Lester. The Enterprise is proceeding to its next mission, on the course set before I took over command. Now the years I spent studying every single detail of the ship's operation will be tested. With a little experience, I will be invulnerable to suspicion. At last I attain what is my just due. Command of a starship. All the months of preparation now come to fruition.
Captain's Log, stardate 5930.3. The results of Doctor McCoy's examination have given me complete confidence in myself. My fears are past. I shall function freely as the captain. I am the captain of the Enterprise, in fact.
KIRK: Mister Spock. Mister Spock, my authority has been given to me by Starfleet Command, and only that high authority can take it away.
JANICE: No. I am not Captain Kirk. That is very apparent. I claim that whatever it is that makes James Kirk a living being special to himself is being held here in this body.

KIRK: Oh. Well. However, as I understand it, I am Doctor Janice Lester.

JANICE: That's very clever, but I didn't say it. I said, the body of James Kirk is being used by Doctor Janice Lester.

KIRK: A subtlety that somehow escapes me. I assume that this switch was arrived at by mutual agreement.

JANICE: No. It was brought about by a violent attack by Doctor Lester and the use of equipment she discovered on Camus Two.

KIRK: Violence by the lady, perpetrated on Captain Kirk? I ask the assembled personnel to look at Doctor Janice Lester and visualise that historic moment. Can you, can you tell me why Doctor Janice Lester would agree to this ludicrous exchange?

JANICE: Yes. To get the power she craved, to attain a position she doesn't merit by temperament or training. And most of all, she wanted to murder James Kirk, a man who once loved her. But her intense hatred of her own womanhood made life with her impossible.
JANICE: Ohh! I've lost to the captain. I've lost to James Kirk! I want you dead! I want you dead! I want you dead! Oh, I'm never going to be the captain. Never. Kill him.

I. Rest. My. Case. Janice was jealous of Kirk, wanted to be a captain, perceived that there was some conspiratorial reason to deny her that, and she chose to blame Kirk. Kirk knew of her desire to be a captain, says flat out that she doesn't merit such a position. After Janice steals Kirk's body, she doesn't crow about being Kirk; she crows about being a captain - a starship commander. She would have stolen any male captain's body to get what she wanted.

Kirk nearly died! Marla was an accessory to attempted murder, and you don't think that would make her a bad role model?
Kirk "nearly" killed people left and right, too. Why should McGivers be judged by different standards?
McGivers was an accessory to the attempted murder of her captain. When did Kirk try to kill his crew, other than when he was split into two halves, and therefore could not possibly be held legally responsible?

Palamas was not under the influence of anything but her own hormones, a pretty face and body (Apollo's), and a mind full of cornflakes (as in stupidity).
Says you. Now who's playing antiquated role models for $500?
Is there some reason for your hostile tone? Do you think that just because I'm a woman, I can't think poorly of a female character I find vapid and easily swayed by the last charismatic male who looks at her? Whatever Palamas is, it's not professional.
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