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Re: What are you reading?

I finished The Stars My Destination last weekend - I came away from it thinking that it was very much a story of its time, albeit with more female characters than your average 1950s space opera.

Having finally gotten through Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy a few months ago, I decided to try reading another trilogy that I'd previously put down partway through - Stephen Baxter's Manifold trilogy (Manifold: Space, Manifold: Time, and Manifold: Origin). I think the problem I'd previously had was that I wasn't spending a whole lot of time reading for pleasure, and so they were hard to get into. Nowadays, I have about half an hour every morning on the bus when all I have to do is read, so I'm finding it easier this time.

I'm still accumulating new books faster than I can read them, though - on Monday I picked up the latest Charlie Stross Laundry novel, and Life on the Preservation, by Jack Skillingstead. At the rate I'm going, I'm never going to finish everything on my shelf.
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