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Re: Any Casual STO Players?

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I only play 5-6 hour's weekly, and feel like I'm really missing out on effectively using my time, I kinda just fly around and play the episodes...I've been in the game off and on for over 2 years and only have one level 50 guy...only have mark 11 stuff...and I'm sure my duty officer roster is an absolute mess....any other casual players? any good resources for casual players?...everything I come across seems to cater towards the hardcore who spend hours playing every day....
Is that time daily, several blocks or one full block of time?

With time at a premium, it helps to decide what you want to do with it. If you want to do the episodes, you can get through those with green gear. It will get easier with blue or purple gear, but lets say you want XII greens. You need EC. The best way for someone who doesn't want to spend RL cash is to do a foundry farming mission. So instead of doing all episodes, work in one or two foundry farming missions. The first one you do each day will pay ship gear, personal gear or commodities.

Do a foundry mission and see what is worth equipping. Everything else you sell. With your time at a premium, you should probably vendor everything. You can earn 300k to 600k EC that way. With this cash you can start buying your green mk XII gear. Once you have all green gear, then you can start working towards blue gear. Don't worry about purple mk XII gear until you finish the episodes and are ready for end game content.

As far as your doffs, the next time you DOff, note the names of the assignments you normally do, and what DOffs they need, and the necessary traits for those DOffs. This will help you build your list of what you need. With limited funds start with green DOffs. Then upgrade to blue.
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