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Re: First Contact alternate timeline

It also means that Pine-Kirk could travel back in time to 1930, 1969 (several times), & 1986 and meet an alternate version of himself (Shatner-Kirk)?

Hmm. I wonder if every timeline sticks to itself in a way and Data's head disappears from Earth in 2233 because it continues only in the Prime timeline? This would prevent paradoxes. Or else what prevents our Prime universe crew from returning to the future of the NuTrek Universe? Or did Nero erase the entire Prime Universe save his crew and Spock? If the Prime universe was erased, doesn't that mean that anything our future crews did in the past is erased by their erasure?

SO help me if Roberto Orci erased the Prime Universe...

Anyway, my idea is that timelines are closed and can only affect themselves. Therefore, we must either accept that NuTrek erased the Prime universe, or that Nero and Spock traveled backwards and sideways into the 2233 of a completely alternate universe.

Time travel makes no sense...
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