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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

58. Doubt: A
59. Godfather: A
60. World War Z: B
61. Much Ado About Nothing: A-
62. The Lone Ranger: C+

Such potential wasted here. A chance to really showcase a character that is likely largely unknown to the anyone born after 1990.
It's too long, the hero is weakling with little spine for what Frontier Justice needs. I had trouble seeing him as a hero. Tonto was played for laughs largely, not 3 Stooges type slapstick mind you, it was dry and sardonic but the issue is Tonto is a warrior, crafty, cunning---we didn't get that.
A good 20-25min needed to be trimmed, especially in the second act.
I neither hated it nor loved. Some action sequences were worth watching. Fichtner's bad guy Cavendish is easily the best performance in the whole film.
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