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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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On the other hand, you seem so enamored with the idea that Starfleet represents a highly versatile military body that you are seizing on anything at all, no matter how insubstantial, that would suggest it is and then handwaving away anything that claims it isn't.
On other, other hand, I'm not entirely sure why some fans are so allergic to the M-word that they seem to recoil from the very idea that (gasp!) Starfleet might be quasi-military in nature...
I've heard alot of people claiming this is the case, but I've never seen anyone actually DO that. Not that I'm disputing that anti-militarism is a real thing, it's just that in all the years I've been on this board and in all the years I've been following Star Trek (pretty much my entire life) I've never encountered anyone who actually viewed Star Trek through an anti-military lens.

In fact, considering the widespread prevalence of "space navy/space trooper" tropes in science fiction -- and particularly in space opera -- that would be a very unusual position for someone to hold. They would, in essence, be fans of Star Trek while hating just about everything else in the entire genre.

Sometimes the Enterprise is defending the Federation from hostile forces. Sometimes its missions are scientific, humanitarian, diplomatic, or personal. It all depends on the story.
As I mentioned earlier, the primary advantage of not defining Starfleet -- or, if you must, defining it as a non-military organization -- is because it makes those kinds of stories easier to tell. The writer doesn't have to actually know anything about standard military procedures or the reasons behind them, and even if he does, wouldn't have to consult an expert on anything he doesn't. When the question comes up "How would Stafleet Command react to this?" you don't have to respect the real-world parameters of military discipline any more than you want to; you can discard what is inconvenient and invent what seems more interesting.

Hence the reason nobody thinks there's anything wrong with Spock and Uhura having a romantic relationship on the Enterprise. Very few military organizations would have such a blasť attitude towards fraternization, but with Starfleet, why not?
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