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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finally forced myself to get through Titan: Sword of Damocles. I really did not get into the groove of that one. It felt directionless, taking quite a bit of time to get the plot and then speeding through it. (Some weird issues, too. The planet is stated as having gravity something like 5 times that of Earth, but this issue is never mentioned when the away team makes planet fall.) There were some sequences I enjoyed, and the character building of Dakal and Ra-Havreii was really good. But man... I really did not like this one in the least.

I also read through Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony: Revenant which I also really didn't enjoy. Overly long (1/5 of the whole anthology!) and it seemed a bit divorced from its theme sin. I did enjoy seeing Locarno, but it was largely disappointing. The Borg also seemed decidedly different in this tale, much more Zombie/Vampirish then Borg which could be fun but didn't seem to work. (Particularly telling about misunderstanding the Borg, one drone uses a "nanoprobe" to assimilate people which is described as being a large needle!)

This morning I breezed through Something Borrowed the Sixth Doctor 50th Anniversary eBook. I quite liked it, not the greatest thing ever, but a nice bit of fun. I was hoping that with the book being first person from Peri's POV we'd get a bit more of her involvement in the climax, but she oddly takes a backseat. Still, it was fun and probably amongst my favorites of the eBooks released so far.

Finally, I started Greater Than the Sum. Only a few pages in, not even through the Prologue when the BBQ-ing started, but quite enjoying it.
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