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Re: New Richard Taylor TMP VFX interview

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Cool BBTS pic; I'm a big fan of both movies and I never would've noticed that. Wonder how that came to be since it's just the pattern and not the actual pieces?
Honestly, it looks like those "tiles" are carpeting or maybe soundproofing tiles, which I could see being installed on ceilings in the engine room to deaden echoes. My guess is they just bought them someplace and they weren't designed per se.

I just posted the following comment on the article at the site:

Maurice says:
July 4, 2013 at 5:23 PM
Interesting piece, even if Mr. Taylor takes too much credit for things that were clearly the work of Mr. Probert and others.

While, personally, I’d rather see a set like the Rec Deck designed so it fit neatly and realistically into the hull as Andy Probert suggests, in Hal’s defense, the vast majority of filmgoers in fact wouldn’t notice if a set would actually fit into the ship, so he was right in that (99% of) filmgoers don’t go in with a slide rule. The original Trek shuttle interior in the series wouldn’t fit into the mockup, nor the Millenium Falcon interiors into the full size setpieces, nor the Seaview sets into that sub, nor even Archie Bunker’s house interiors fit into the exterior they showed. It’s part and parcel with film. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nicer if it all fit, but that majority of filmgoers don’t notice or care, even if a small minority of vocal fans do.

As I recall, according to interviews with Wise the Officer’s Lounge ended up as it did because there was no money left in the set budget to build a wholly new room, so they re-used the windows from the Rec Deck that had already been built and struck. The fact that the walls to Nogura’s office for the TV movie got repurposed as the walls for the cargo bay, and the ceiling tiles ripped down from the engine room became the stone walks on Vulcan lends credence to the idea that the set money was tight and they were making due with what they could (too bad they didn’t decide to scrap the spacewalk earlier, they could have saved all that money that was wasted building those V’ger trench sets).
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