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Re: New Richard Taylor TMP VFX interview

Cool BBTS pic; I'm a big fan of both movies and I never would've noticed that. Wonder how that came to be since it's just the pattern and not the actual pieces?

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I wonder what became of the V'ger model. Was it turned into some piece of set dressing somewhere along the way?
It must've all been tossed; I don't remember any of it showing up in the various auctions (Profiles in History, etc.). The only things I recognize from PII are the drydock lights and the shell of the engineering set (the octagonal window on the upper level stayed on through TNG).

That pentagonal armature for the office complex looks really familiar, but I've not been able to pin it down. At first I thought it might have been the containment module from TNG "The Child" or the "egg" from TNG "Evolution" but no. I've also looked for the "targeting sphere" from the original PII bridge. I've never seen an actual photo where it was installed (just a hole in the wall) but in an interview Joe Jennings referred to it being installed and causing an on-set echo so it must have existed at some point.

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