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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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IMO, it's an issue of different strategies or catering to different markets. Unlike the smaller companies which may dabble a little in the retail market, Hasbro does most of its business in there. Retailers really don't like very expensive high-end toys on their shelves because they tend not to sell very well. It's easier to move them in specialty shops and online stores (in limited production runs) because they cater to the smaller customer base willing to shell out big bucks for toys.
Toys R us Pricing:

NECA Aliens, a super articulated and highly detailed 7" line with plenty of accessories, all of which are brand new sculpts from the ground up. $17.99

Hasbro Iron Man figures: A highly articulated and decently detailed 6" line with few to no accessories. All but a few of the figures are straight up repaints of previously released figures. $19.99

Both aimed at adult collectors.
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