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Re: Desert Island Trek

TOS- Balance of Terror -Mark Lenard makes the show, love the tension of not knowing what will happen
TOS- Mirror, Mirror -it was such a novel concept, a classic
TAS- Yesteryear -Spock's homeworld, Spock as a child, favorite Trek episode of all
TNG: The Inner Light -this episode never gets old IMO, that haunting melody at the end
DS9: Little Green Men -love the Roswell concept, no more crazy than current theories

Star Trek (2009) -Trek Reborn!
Star Trek: Into Darkness -gotta have the sequel
Star Trek: The Voyage Home -the most fun Trek movie made, felt like the old TOS
Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country -good story, worth rewatching
Star Trek: First Contact -only good TNG movie, Cochrane & origin of warp drive
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