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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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Why don't they see that, if God existed, that Evolution, the result of random gene mutation, would be just one part of the Almighty's big tool box? If he created the universe, he set all the rules. Speed of light, gravity, time, strings, quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, molecules, particle decay, radiation, it all works according to a strict set of rules. And evolution is the result of all that. If there is a God, he probably made all those rules. And then hit the 'Start' Button and enjoyed watching how it all unfolds. Not much unlike a programmer who created a simulation.

Isn't that enough?

I don't get why it's such an aggressive "either-or" debate when both could be true.

If one believes in a god, shouldn't evolution act as evidence for how wonderful and complex that god is?

Is it really that important to people that everything happened literally as described in the Bible?
Creationists are not afraid of evolution. They just realize that evolution is unscientific. Speciation is true, observable science, but evolution (the idea that non-life became life on the early life and then evolved over billions of years to become man) is not. We can't jump in a time machine and observe evolution happening, and any 'facts' of evolution, such as DNA, the fossil record, morphology, etc., must be subjectively interpreted (the facts don't speak for themselves), and could just as easily (actually, easier) be interpreted in a Biblical, creationist way.

There are plenty of websites which show the fallacies of evolution, and there are over 100 young earth/universe evidences. An objective person sees that these evidences indicate a young earth and that evolution therefore could not have happened.

The core problem is that the Bible is a major issue for a lot of people. The Christian God is unacceptable, and so of course evolution must be true. For those who accept evolution and God's existence, for some reason a Creator God Who created in six days is unacceptable.

I don't see how the glory of God is shown in millions of years of animal death culminating in the evolution of man, but everyone's entitled to an opinion. I think God's glory is clearly better shown in His creation of a sinless, perfect universe---which only became subject to death and futility after sin was committed, an act by free humans.

Go to (look up "101 evidences for a young earth" and "It's not science") for more information on what I wrote above. You can also research a great deal of other topics. is another great site which shows the copious holes in evolution. Again, speciation is true, but this doesn't prove or imply evolution in any way. There is much observational science which shows that evolution is false. It is not surprising at all that large numbers of scientists in our day are abandoning it.
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