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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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They would just be rushing to make another movie just so it could be released during a certain year, not because they actually have any kind of real good story to tell.
Huh? I'm fairly sure Orci & Kurtzman deliberately planted lots of seeds in STiD to ensure they have lots of potential good stories to tell. And the 5YM has just begun for the characters.

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In the past, Trek has always avoided opening the same year as a Star Wars movie.
Well, there were only five to avoid after TMP's premiere, and a huge gap between the two trilogies.

BTW, although STiD has now seemingly completed its suburban and IMAX 3D runs in Sydney, Australia, it's still screening twice daily in the city:

Yeah, AOTC and Nemesis were both released in 2002, although at different times during the year. They weren't in direct competition. Insurrection and Episode 1: TPM were quite close together in release, although INS was late 1998 and TPM was the following year, in May.

I think going up against a SW film would be financial suicide for Trek. Although I prefer Star Trek and always have, I enjoy SW as well, and acknowledge that Trek just isn't as big a box office draw as its closest rival. SW casts a wider net, and appeals to a larger demographic.

Yes, here in Melbourne as well, STID has finished its theatrical run, but there are still a few sessions screening in selected theatres in the city. I might go catch it for a fifth time in the Palace Nova cinema in town.
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