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Re: Developments you'd like to see in the NTrekverse

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The bottom line is this, You cant nail uhura on a wall and give Kirk and Spock a free pass. If uhura were a man you would perhaps not do that.

Women still have a long way to go in TOS Trek Universe. I applaud JJ for giving Uhura more to do. Uhura saving Spock and speaking Klingon was very impressive when you consider the fact that she is a supporting character in a series
ruled by two alpha males. Kirk and Spock.
I didn't mean to give the impression I thought only Uhura had acted unprofessionally, I apologise for doing so.

I care more about Uhura's professionalism than Kirk's partly because I'm female and care more about the lead supporting female role and partly because I think that in reboot Uhura is generally professional, competent and controlled whereas Kirk is self-centered, arrogant and short tempered (starting to grow out of it.

That's cool...I never thought you did. Its just that the whole uhura hate has been so unfair. I do think overall Uhura is a stong woman. Did anyone remember Spock words to kirk about uhura when she went to face the Klingon.

Am not sure I can put in in quote but Spock said something about trying not to bring the wrath of uhura upon himself and Kirk.

If Spock, a cold logical Vulcan can get scared of her. Then it does say something about her character and personality.

Of course most people wont pick on that. they are too busy hating and calling her a weakling.

oh well...
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