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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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So you trust two officers you've never seen before, at least one of whom is later seen committing high treason... but you don't trust Jean Luc Picard?
Did you just try to play the argument from emotion card ? Who cares if it's Picard's opinion or not ?
No, this is the "consider the source" card. Jean Luc Picard is the captain of Starfleet's newest, most powerful and most advanced ship. Admiral Cartwright is a desk jockey who gets caught trying to assassinate his own president. Between the two of them, do you really have to ask whose opinion is more trustworthy?

I mean, that's like studying the Cuban Missile Crisis by interviewing Lee Harvey Oswald.
To be fair, we know little about Cartwright apart from the fact that he is one of the few Admirals we have ever met more than once.

His racism could well stem from field experience as a starship commander, dealing with Klingons first-hand. Kirk almost appeared as racist himself after the meeting (thankfully Shatner was given that slight beat after his "Let them die!" outburst to show that I think Kirk realised that his comment went too far, an angry outburst rather than a genuine wish for the whole Klingon Race to die out).

Also remember that it seems in Trek that most Admirals have to attend a special class in douchebaggery!

Picard is an idealist. But, in the era he lives and serves in, this isn't naive, as the Federation does work to try to achieve a higher ideal, although sometimes they falter (usually because of those damned Admirals again!).
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