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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I came across another good find at one of the local Big Lots. Four larger and slightly nicer KO Transformers for $20, which isn't too bad. They came in packs of two, and I've learned that apparently there are two additional molds that may or may not be available in the American market (the BL versions were made in China, unsurprisingly). These include a dump truck and a crane (front robot). I've also seen suggestions that the group is meant to combine into a large robot, but I have no clue what that form is supposed to look like if true. There are no accessories for combination and no mention of the two missing molds on the BL packaging, so it's sort of a case like the Generic Tank Robots on my earlier find.

The first set included the front end loader and the cement mixer, while the second had the excavator and bulldozer. None of the characters got names, but they did get tech specs which seem to imply that the FEL robot would be the leader based on rank.

I find the obvious aping of the TF movie font amusing, along with some of the blurbs on the package. Apparently there's a "transrobot revolution" going on and the phrase "battle for robots" also shows up. All in all, these are pretty decent toys for basic Transformer copies. They have decent articulation and are pretty stable, and they each have a distinctive weapon.

FEL Bot. Despite being the only robot without actual feet, he's just as stable. The weapons in theory can fit any robot, and the box has him using Mixer Bot's blade in a different color (along with gold trim on the chest, where the actual figure has silver). I used the weapons with the figures they were packed next to. His arms are the most awkward part to deal with on the first transformation, because the hands are designed to fold up in a tight little spot on the sides.

Mixer Bot, going by his specs, is apparently the least intelligent of the group - probably not the best combination if he's your mobile factory. His drum comes off as a separate piece in robot mode, and it's kind of too bad it can't attach as a backpack. It would make the robot look more defined. The SOMSV logo also appears on the excavator.

I suppose Bulldozer Bot is perhaps my personal favorite, as I like what they did with both designs. His shovel is packaged as a separate piece, but it can be mounted in robot mode. You can mount it so it will fold forward, not unlike Bonecrusher, but I think it looks a little nicer mounted in the back where the raking unit can fold on top. Using it on the chest blocks the existing detail.

If Bulldozer Bot has a flaw, it's that the head doesn't have an easy way to be pulled out when transforming to robot form. It just pushes down into a hole and doesn't have much to grip on.

Shovel Bot (as I like to call him anyway) is the last of the bunch, and the only one to have the distinctive gray robot scheme versus the yellow dominating. His shovel, which has several points of articulation, plugs into the back of his head and unfortunately has nowhere to go in robot form. His cool looking axe doesn't fit as tightly as it should, but I haven't experimented with the others yet to see if that's due to the hand design (which it likely is). In terms of scale, I'd initially estimated that these figures might be twice as tall as the first set, but it's more a third taller.

Finally, here are some group shots.


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