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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

All right. Finished the "antique" surgical tools. I think this is the best way I could've portrayed these mysterious panels. It also allowed to use some of the surgical tools featured in "Space Seed". We can now safely assume that McCoy moved these from the Intensive Care Ward to this alcove in his office, sometime after Season One.

Another thought: We could argue that these are for display only, and are non-functional decoration (the blades would be dull, etc) pieces, harkening back to a time in medical history in which McCoy would have definitely enjoyed being an old country doctor, "poking and prodding with his archane machinery".

I see no reason McCoy would have them otherwise, since there are far more advanced medical tools at his disposal. Heck, in "Space Seed", Kahn may have unknowingly threatened Bones with a dull replica of a scalpel!


Here's a (terribly inaccurate) render of the CMO Office from the never-released game Secret of Vulcan Fury. Check out their take on the alcove panels....
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