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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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In what I think is the best piece written about MOS so far, Film Crit Hulk totally nails all the things that don't work about the movie:
Interesting read, but the idea that people like the movie only because they "don't understand character and drama" is just ridiculous. We ALL have movies that we love that others don't respond to, and vice versa.

MOS obviously has a different kind of plot structure than people are used to, so I can understand why some may have a hard time connecting with it (and maybe the filmmakers should have been more aware that would be a problem). But there were many others who had no problem at all adjusting.

And I disagree that Clark has no character arc in this, or that the flashbacks serve no purpose. Yeah Clark has an innate goodness to him (as he should), but he still goes from being this fearful, uncertain boy who thinks he's a freak, to a man wandering the world looking for answers, to a confident hero who finally realizes his destiny as the protector of mankind. He's hardly the exact same person all the way through.

And the flashbacks do a great job getting us into his head, and understanding why he's so hesitant to reveal the truth about himself (the reaction of the bus children's parents), or why he's so conflicted about what to do with his powers (because so was his father). And when we see the flashback with the bullies, we understand how hard it must be for Clark to actually fight someone for the first time (and yet at the same time how liberating it must feel to finally let out all that pent-up anger he must have).

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