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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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On the other hand, you seem so enamored with the idea that Starfleet represents a highly versatile military body that you are seizing on anything at all, no matter how insubstantial, that would suggest it is and then handwaving away anything that claims it isn't.
On other, other hand, I'm not entirely sure why some fans are so allergic to the M-word that they seem to recoil from the very idea that (gasp!) Starfleet might be quasi-military in nature, as though such a label has cooties or something.

Is it because, in their view, it's not "evolved" enough, or sends the wrong message, or just doesn't fit their own cherished notion of what Starfleet ought to be?

On a practical level, I'm not sure it matters. Speaking from personal experience, I've managed to write close to two dozen Trek books and stories without ever having to make a big deal over just how "military" Starfleet is or isn't. Why do we HAVE to define it one way or another? Just to make some sort of Statement?

Sometimes the Enterprise is defending the Federation from hostile forces. Sometimes its missions are scientific, humanitarian, diplomatic, or personal. It all depends on the story.

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