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Re: Highest Ranking Woman?

Except she stated she wanted to be a starship captain
She never stated anything even remotely like that.

was angry at Starfleet for not allowing women to be captains
Not really. She was angry at Kirk for not allowing her into his world of captains. No anger towards Starfleet, for any reason, was ever suggested.

at the end, sobbed, "Now I'll never be the Captain..."
Emphasis reveals what she really wanted. Being captain would not count; only being the captain she loved/hated was of significance.

"First Lady" on a dying planet
...Just like T'Pau. Assuming, of course, that T'Pau ever reached that high a position.

Kirk nearly died! Marla was an accessory to attempted murder, and you don't think that would make her a bad role model?
Kirk "nearly" killed people left and right, too. Why should McGivers be judged by different standards?

Palamas was not under the influence of anything but her own hormones, a pretty face and body (Apollo's), and a mind full of cornflakes (as in stupidity).
Says you. Now who's playing antiquated role models for $500?

Timo Saloniemi
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